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IO1- innCREA Creativity and Pioneering Audit Tool

The overall aim of the output tool is to describe the specifications that should be followed to better conduct a creativity audit. The creativity audit has analytic role and it constitutes one of the first steps an organisation has to follow before launching a policy supporting creativity. The uniqueness of each organization (business, educational or other) and the peculiarities of its organizational culture impose the needs of customizing the knowledge audit to address all these particular characteristics each organization has.

Thus, the specifications that are given in this text constitute a general frame of sequence of steps should be followed rather than a set of explicit and detailed guidelines to describe the specifications should be followed to better conduct a creativity audit. The tool will not only refer to organisations but also to individual respondents like students. It should also be applied in student’s working groups during educational courses.
Purposes of the audit tool are:

  • To investigate the organization’s or team’s creativity and pioneering “health”.

  • To identify the factors and variables influencing the creative potential of the personnel at an individual, organizational, leadership and team level.

  • To develop an analytical tool (typically questionnaire) tailored to the needs, personnel, the culture, the nature of work and the activities of organization or team, etc. including all the above-mentioned factors and variables to be assessed.

  • To try to evaluate these factors by developing suitable scales of measurement and quantification.

  • To analyse the data statistically in order to identify the problematic areas (factors) requiring improvement to better focus management and team efforts.

  • Finally, to progressively and synthetically (after a discussion with the leader’s team) propose an initial set of actions which should be followed so as the organization/team begins its first steps in implementing an initial action plan nurturing creativity at work.